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Ecolingerie: the project is a relaunched new portal with a growing international audience made of people concerned with ecological issues when buying their garments. Luxury lingerie is related with ecology on several levels :


Human safety : lingerie is directly in contact with the skin. Organic or so called bio natural fabrics can have lead. Lead doesn't go away with washes when it's in the fiber itself. Dangerous (cancegenic ) chimicals are used during process for polyester or polyamide fabrics, and can still be found on the garments when you buy them . New laws just banned colors that were on the market for years...suspected now to cause cancer. (Europe only...).


Heavy water pollution: The main fabrics for garments are made of polyester, polyamide, lycra and cotton. All are processed with dangerous chemicals or industrial colors leaving behind heavily contaminated waters. Tunisia has now 43% of its water resources polluted due to the textile industry.


More than 40 pieces make a bra, much more than for any sportswear clothing. All of them are manufactured around the World, with more or less concerns about environment. There is no ecological transport management  for all these pieces.


Recycling: The lingerie industry is a mammoth: 15 billion pieces /year sold in the USA, 400 million/ year in UK. Out of these sample figures, 60% of new bras sold are to replace old garments. What happen to these billion of old garments? Certainly not recycled into charity stores... 99,9% of the old garments are not taken care of.

Only price driven market has given the directions on how and where to make garments. Most of the brands show a total lake of concerns about the pollution left behind their collection. They widely think that it's the fabric's manufacturer responsibilities to conform with the laws. At Ecolingerie, we don't think so. A brand is fully responsible of all components making the garments as they choose the fabrics and components, and the place of manufacturing.

The ecolingerie project started in 2008. Back then, organic topic was big and everywhere, at least on the paper. 5 years later: it' all gone. That's why we decided to relaunch the website. It's totally unacceptable that one of the biggest industry in the world didn t do anything to promote safer ligerie for you, and the earth. In 5 years, just production has being shift to the poorest countries in the world !

Textile is by nature very polluting, but solutions are existing to make it less polluting. Let's do something about it.

We do more than just Fashion




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