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Facts about lingerie

  • Billions of garments produced yearly, none of them recycled


  • Lingerie is textile, and one of the most polluting industry, contaminationg waters irreversibly


  • Ecological fabrics exist to produce garments with the same touch, sexy look and wearing than junkwear lingerie


  • From the 90's, the lingerie quality went down, prices stay the same: bad fitting, low quality even for brands.The industry does not want to move toward ecological lingerie as they would have to change their production route


It's your choice to help us to promote safer, more ecological and organic lingerie. Join us now!


Data from World Bank

Double click to see the details. Note: some water textile polluted countries (China,Tunisia...) do not report BDO emission figures

Discover Lingerie brands with an ecological touch

Shopping for sexy ecological lingerie brands is possible today, but not granted.


Ecological lingerie is not more expensive than junkwear lingerie : the market price of a regular bra is 4 to 5 times the manufacturing cost...There is plenty of space to lower the profit and come up with real quality bras

Neither are they less comfortable or less sexy: an ecological bra is not a scotch sponge, far from that ! Designers can create the very same sexy collections

Although limited, you can find lingerie brands or specific collections worldwide and shoponline

Discover the brands and collections by browsing the map




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